Guiding Principles

SIPA works to realize its mission by promoting and encouraging the high standard of business ethics among its members and the seed industry and is guided by a Code of Conduct.  SIPA encourages its members as well as the agriculture community to honor all obligations and contracts between seed companies, suppliers, and customers involving the use and protection of intellectual property.  Such obligations and contracts include licensing agreements and agreements governing confidentiality and trade secrets as well as honoring all valid obligations and contracts involving the production, marketing, distribution, or sale of seed.

We believe education is a foundation of transparency, therefore we work to educate members, the industry, growers and the community at large on the benefits of seed innovation and rights and responsibilities of intellectual property owners concerning seeds and traits, including patents, plant variety protection, plant breeders’ rights, trademarks, and copyrights.

We are committed to best practices related to the identification, promotion, and protection of seed innovation. We believe in taking a proactive approach to education on the benefits of seed IP and the need for protection. As such, SIPA will serve as both a clearinghouse and repository of educational materials and events to further foster understanding and appreciation of seed innovations.  

Seed Building