Institutional Member Expectations

The Seed Innovation and Protection Alliance (“SIPA”) welcomes membership from throughout the seed industry. Institutional Members are an integral part of the SIPA program, however as a non-dues paying member of the program, SIPA requests Institutional Members support the SIPA program by implementing the following where possible:

  1. Sign the SIPA Code of Ethics;
  2. Identify an institutional contact for communication with SIPA;
  3. Making intellectual property a high priority in the institution’s activities and education;
  4. Help SIPA facilitate education and information on intellectual property in the seed industry;
  5. Review the IP Enforcement Readiness Checklist and consider implementation of those points that support your business activities;
  6. Promote SIPA by utilizing the SIPA logo and/or SIPA Tip Line logo where possible; and
  7. Provide a link to the SIPA website on your institutional website.