Supporting Member Expectations

The Seed Innovation and Protection Alliance (“SIPA”) welcomes membership from throughout the seed industry. Supporting Members are an integral part of the SIPA program, however as a Supporting Member of the program, SIPA requests support of the SIPA program by implementing the following where possible:

  1. Signing the SIPA Code of Ethics;
  2. Identify a contact for communication with SIPA;
  3. Help SIPA facilitate education and information on intellectual property in the seed industry, including but not limited to:
    1. Providing assistance in the development, distribution and/or communication of education and information on intellectual property, when appropriate, including but not limited to, live or recorded presentations, free of charge. 
  4. Review the IP Enforcement Readiness Checklist and consider implementation of those points that support your business activities;
  5. Promote SIPA by utilizing the SIPA logo and/or SIPA Tip Line logo; and
  6. Provide a link to the SIPA website on your website.