SIPA Code of Ethics


Seed Innovation and Protection Alliance (“SIPA”) member companies should sustain and advance the integrity, honor, and prestige of the seed industry by:

1. Complying at all times with the SIPA Antitrust Compliance Policy;

2. Understanding and complying with valid and relevant federal and state laws as well as foreign national laws relating to intellectual property rights in seed and seed technologies, including judicial interpretations of such laws;

3. Establishing best practices for the protection or enforcement of seed and seed technologies;

4. Honoring valid contracts, including but not limited to, production, marketing, distribution, or sale of seed, between seed companies, service providers, suppliers, and customers involving the use and protection of intellectual property as well as governing confidentiality and trade secrets; and

5. Honoring final, unappealable rulings by a United States court of law or administrative body related to intellectual property.

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Code of Ethics- final