SIPA Tip Line FAQs

SIPA Tip Line Frequently Asked Questions

If I report seed piracy to the SIPA, will my name be kept confidential?

Your personal information will not be revealed outside of SIPA unless required by law. We take all reasonable measures to ensure your confidentiality and the confidentiality of your report at all times.

What happens after I file a report of illegal seed or technology use?

The process is simple. Just leave a voice message with as much information as you can recall. SIPA will forward the information to the seed or trait technology stakeholder. Based on your information, the stakeholder may pursue an action if they feel it is warranted.

What constitutes illegal seed or technology use?

SIPA and its members are dedicated to promoting innovation for flowers, vegetables and row crops. Illegal seed or technology use varies by crop and the form of protection associated with the technology, and may include but is not limited to, the unauthorized production of seed, saving of seed, unauthorized selling of seed, breeding or improvements of seed.