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SIPA Best Practices Checklists

Our IP Checklist is critical to assess your company’s ability to assess how well you can protect your intellectual property.

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Education Units

SIPA provides education units throughout the year to help our members and the seed industry have the resources to protect their innovations.

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IP Legal Topics

SIPA is continuously working to collect and provide resources on various intellectual property legal issues to provide our members with the tools to identify, protect, maintain and enforce their intellectual property rights.

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SIPA Educational Collateral

SIPA, together with its members has developed a range of educational materials to help promote the value of seed innovations throughout the seed industry as well as help the seed industry understand the rights associated with various intellectual property rights.

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The Seed Innovation and Protection Alliance is established to promote the understanding and value of seed innovations as well as to facilitate and promote the respect of intellectual property rights for the benefit of members, growers, industry associates, consumers and the agricultural community.

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