Why Seed Innovation?

Feel Good About Buying Seed

Professionally produced or certified seed has been inspected and verified against typically stringent quality standards and to ensure its identity. Buying professionally produced seed assures growers of at least the following:

  • Varietal purity;
  • Minimum germination percentage;
  • Freedom from weeds;
  • Increased yield potential;
  • Access to the latest innovations; and
  • Increased farm profitability

While the upfront cost of bin-run or saved seed is less than buying professionally produced seed, once you consider the increased yield advantage of professionally produced seed, the end cost is often less than bin-run seed.1 https://cropwatch.unl.edu/2017/making-case-certified-wheat-seed

Seed Innovation

Innovations from the seed industry are helping to address many of the economic, environmental and health issues we face as a global society. Seed improvements allow us to produce more food from the same land and are essential to feed our growing population, which is estimated to be 9 billion by 2050 (U.S. Census Bureau, International Database, July 2015 Update).

Innovation in Plant Breeding

Plant breeders strive to provide solutions for disease and pest resistance and increased tolerance to environmental stresses, while achieving higher yields and meeting consumer expectations for high quality crops. Today, plant breeders are able to meet these goals more precisely and efficiently than ever before. The continuous advancement in the understanding of plant genomes provides new opportunities to meet the challenges facing agriculture today and in the future.

Seed Innovation Provides More Abundant, Better Tasting Foods.

With the advancement of seed innovations we can make better food that is more sustainable and better for our environment. The U.S. Seed Industry reinvests approximately 10% of the estimated total annual seed value, between $16 and $17 billion, into research and development.* So approximately $1.6 to $1.7 billion in annual research and development brings innovations. * sigmaâ„¢Seed, Kynetec (2016)

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Innovations from the seed industry are helping to address many of the economic, environmental and health issues we face as a global society.

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Positive Sustainability Report

Resource efficiency (per bushel) from 1980-2015: Crop improvements on all measures.

Source: fieldtomarket.org

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